40 Years of Change – Redevelopment of Mass Ave

AIA Regional Sarah Hempstead and Wayne Schmidt September 28, 2017 Every place evokes feelings for people. A great place feels welcoming, exciting, curious, comforting—and maybe even inspiring. Your designated place always has the opportunity to evoke vastly different feelings than it does now. But change doesn’t happen overnight. Placemaking, if done correctly, is a marathon, […]

Designing ADA for Independent Living

AIA National and AIA Regional Desma Belsaas with co-presenter Kim Dodson April 28, 2017 and September 28, 2017 As architects, we are constantly tasked with designing spaces that are accessible to everyone, but what does this really mean? Most of us have been fortunate to never live with a disability, so what can we learn […]

What is VRF?

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) is a sophisticated HVAC technology. Invented around 30 years ago, this is known as the “Rolls Royce” of air conditioning systems. The use of the VRF mechanical system can assist in achieving LEED certification for facilities. The basic elements of VRF systems are: Refrigerant liquid is used as the cooling/heating medium, […]

Doing More with Less- Space Management and Facility Optimization

MAPPA/CAPPA 2017 Lisa Gomperets and Eric Broemel September 19, 2017 From tight budgets with big goals, to the rapid growth of student population putting strain on existing campus size, facilities and maintenance management personnel face many issues and challenges. This program presents a case study on how the Master Planning process with Marian University was […]

Q&A Session with Sayo Adesiyakan

­­As a child, if you had asked Sayo Adesiyakan, graduate architect at Schmidt Associates, what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have told you she wanted to be a pilot. It’s funny how growing up changes your aspirations—and helps you realize your fear of heights.       Tell me about […]

The Value of Long-Standing Relationships

As part of developing good relationships, personally or professionally, you need to learn about the person. What do they like or dislike? What is their communication style? Do they want coffee, donuts, or both in an early morning meeting? Getting to know a client on a personal level and professional level is something we enjoy […]

Project Management – Lessons Learned

Megan Scott, CPSM Associate/Marketing Manager   You never know what you might learn in one of Schmidt Associates’ internal trainings called Schmidt Academy. The session might explore advances in technology, discuss enhancing our design presence, teach us to be nimble and efficient, or to strengthen our leadership skills. Last week, we had one called, “Project […]