Elevate Your Expectations for Downtown Development, Part IV

In my Indianapolis Business Journal column listing 10 things Indianapolis could do to make our already thriving downtown an even better place to live, the fourth item was: Face up to the fact that urban dwellers may not have cars, which means we’ll need more forms of public transportation. Yes, the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare is […]

Why Should I Use Native Plants?

Schmidt Associates predominantly utilizes native plants in our landscape designs. A simple definition of native is a species that originated in a geographic region without human involvement. These plants are best adapted for Indiana climate variations and the local pests.  Drought and disease resistance are great attributes of native species, but as evidenced by the […]

What are Net Zero Energy Buildings? (and Why Should you Care?)

The term ‘Net Zero Energy’ is gaining in popularity.  But what does it mean?  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the most common definition is ‘a building that produces at least as much renewable energy as it uses in a year.’ Why is this important?  From 2001 to 2011 the average price of […]