Elevate Your Expectations for Downtown Development, Part I

A couple of months ago I was honored to write a column for the Indianapolis Business Journal about 10 things Indianapolis could do to make our already thriving downtown an even better place to live. Number one on my list is investing in more parks as an amenity to keep young urban dwellers downtown after […]

Auditorium Design Basics

An auditorium is an auditorium, right? Actually, planning for a new or renovated auditorium in your school is more complex than that. You must design for what audiences SEE, and for the parts they don’t see as well. There are three main components to auditorium design projects:  1. The Main Seating Area Seating is based […]

Leadership Moment from February

As much as we may wish for simplicity, our world is increasingly one of complexity. Reality is immune to our wishing. What strategy is required for success today? One may have an objective, idea(s), even a plan—but between that and execution is a process step that determines satisfaction of outcome in any endeavor. Ignored, we […]

Sustainability: Indiana University Rotary Building

The Rotary building on the IUPUI Campus in Indianapolis was originally constructed in 1931 as a home for orphaned and ill children. It was later turned over to IU for academic and administrative purposes.  The facility is one of the few remaining historic structures on the IUPUI campus. Its location offers the building as a […]

50 Letters From Architects: Our Contribution

This is part of a series of blog postings of Schmidt Associates architects’ responses to the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Indianapolis invitation to write letters to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. Architects submitted big or small ideas to improve the urban built environment for Indianapolis and were on display at The Hall during June and July […]