What is an Energy Model?

Engineers always promise to create an energy model for each project — but what do they mean and why should you care? What should you expect at each phase? Like the rest of the facility design, energy modeling grows in detail and complexity at each stage of project development. Design Performance Modeling during concept and […]

Leadership Moment for June

The trusted friend in whose care Odysseus left his family and household while off winning the Trojan War, was Mentor. So competent and trustworthy was he, Athena saw fit to disguise herself as Mentor in order to guide Telemachus (son of Odysseus) in a quest to find his father who had been absent all the […]

Second in the Series: 12 Red Flags for Your Construction Project

Everyone involved with a construction project hopes to avoid challenges or hiccups along the way. This series of blogs describes the red flags you should look out for if “smooth sailing” doesn’t seem to be the direction your project is going. Here are red flags #4 through #6: 4. Slow submittals. In general, subcontractors will […]

The Layers of Interior Design

After the dust settles and the walls have been constructed, your facility project is still far from done. This is when the work of the interior designers really starts to take shape. There are nine key layers to interior design. •  Color – The most obvious layer is color. Establishing a theme or inspiration of […]