Under the Microscope of Campus Master Planning

Each and every college campus has its own unique story, its own roadmap which tells where it’s come from and where it’s going. Campus master planning plays a significant role in the development of this story, if done strategically and thoughtfully. In order to develop a master plan that will inform future decisions, it is […]

First in the Series: 12 Red Flags for Your Construction Project

Everyone involved with a construction project hopes to avoid challenges or hiccups along the way. What warnings or red flags should you look out for if “smooth sailing” doesn’t seem to be the direction your project is going? Here are the first three: 1. Incomplete Bidding Documents or Qualifications – When specifications require the contractor […]

What Strategic Planning Process Should be Followed for a Referendum?

One of the most important components to the success of any community involvement is creating a community-based Planning and Review Committee (PRC). Members of this committee should represent key interest groups in the community and support the school district. The PRC should be manageable in size (12-18 people), as well as flexible and available to […]

Fourth in the Series of Four Core Principles of Design at Schmidt Associates – A Closer Look at the Spirit Principle

Schmidt Associates believes the purpose behind design is to act passionately and intentionally using our Core Principles of Design, which are the mirrors of our kaleidoscope. The fourth principle is Spirit. It can be the most challenging to capture, but it is the soul of the building and what makes it memorable to all who […]