Building Sustainability Creates Neighborhood Sustainability

There are many arguments for designing sustainable buildings, varying from preserving resources to lowering operational costs. But what about the larger impacts of sustainability? How can individual initiatives become catalysts for long-term overarching sustainability? When Ivy Tech Community College’s Central Indianapolis Campus hired Schmidt Associates to create a Campus Master Plan in 2007, the goals […]

5 Basic Design Organizing Principles for Facilities

Design organization is critical for successful space utilization in facilities.  There are five basic organizing principles used either individually or in combinations to design functional facilities – Radial, Grid, Axial, Spiral, and Cluster. 1) Radial Elements radiate out from a central, figural point.  Our solar system is the most basic radial scheme. 2) Grid A […]

Pay it Forward — Part II

The world amounts to what the world amounts to because people pay it forward. All begins with Nature’s providence; we write the rest of the story. Imagine how many shoulders each one of us stands upon. What gets created and what gets done that does not rely on what others have created or done before […]