Energize and Save $

What if I told you that utility companies will pay you to reduce your utility bill? Is that too good to believe? Well, believe it! “Energizing Indiana” offers energy efficiency programs that bring savings to communities across the state. With programs for homes, schools, businesses, and commercial facilities, Energizing Indiana provides education, tools, and incentives […]

Pay it Forward – Part I

Older Americans read PIF as “Paid in Full”, consistent with their generations’ commitment to debt repayment. They strived to pay their share even in the sociological sense, seeking to leave the world a better place than they found it. Modern Americans may read PIF as “Pay it Forward” consistent with their generations’ desire to make […]

5 Key Planning Issues for Security Planning Concepts for Educational Facilities

There are 5 key planning issues to consider for security planning for education facilities. 1.      Clear lines of sight One of the most important aspects of planning for a “secure” environment is to establish clear lines of sight. This starts at the entrance to the site. It is very important to have a clear view […]