Growing up playing with Legos, Diego realized his passion for interior spaces and creating welcoming, functional atmospheres. This childhood fascination led him to pursue a degree in interior architecture design, where he honed his keen eye for detail and developed a knack for crafting aesthetically pleasing yet practical environments. Today, Diego seamlessly blends his creative vision with his background in project management, bringing innovative solutions to every project he tackles.

Outside of Work
Diego, a proud dad to two daughters, cherishes every moment spent with his dynamic duo, whether it’s embarking on spontaneous adventures or enjoying cozy movie nights. When not with his family, he thrives on challenging himself with Olympic lifting, CrossFit-style workouts, and even finding his stride with running. But let’s talk fun, Diego loves diving into immersive RPG-style video games, embracing epic quests and strategic battles to escape into fantastical realms. And don’t forget his inner geek! Diego’s obsession spans Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter—you name it. Whether he’s debating superhero theories or dissecting the epic universe of Star Wars, Diego is your go-to guy for all things nerdy.