As a journeyman architect, Caoimhín has traveled the world and learned about good design from the best teacher—life experience. From Northern Ireland to New York, he eventually found his way to Kentucky, bringing a diversity in thought and ideas few others can match. Caoimhín’s dual citizenship and life experiences have taught him how different each of us are, as well as how similar—something he incorporates into each design. Though he says he inherently understands style and design, he works tirelessly talking to Owners to truly understand their vision from all angles before he begins to put pen to paper for a project.

Outside of Work
Outside of work, Caoimhín has multiple interests—renovation of his historic home, playing and watching soccer, cycling, gardening, building cheap furniture, drawing time with his daughter, and date nights with his wife to check out new food spots. And when life allows, regular trips home to Ireland!