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Saxony Hospital Negative Pressure Room & CT Replacement

Team Member Resumes

John Robertson

John Robertson (JR), AIA


Everything about healthcare design is important to someone— patients and staff alike—but let’s address budget because available capital and margins are more narrow than ever. Airborne isolation is now central to the discussion and costs for expanded HVAC and associated controls will be more of a driver in budgeting projects. This will have an extended effect on the planning decisions we make in design of healthcare facilities. We “practice” healthcare design because it is ever-changing and we must continue to learn.

Philosophy of Design: Once I have resolved the program with the Owner, I turn my focus to primary and secondary circulation. Adjacency, staff, and patient flow speak directly to enhanced operations and good planning.

Excitement about your project: I am interested in the attention to negative pressure rooms central to healthcare planning. This project aligns with an article I authored on the importance of meeting airborne isolation requirements at the front door; in hospital design, the front door is often the ED.

Sampling of Project Experience: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres – Karachi, Lahore Pod 4 Addition, and Peshawar, Pakistan; Passport Health Plan Headquarters; Kentucky One Health; Baptist Healthcare; Bon Secour/Mercy Health; Correct Life Skilled Nursing Center; Central State Hospital Master Plan; Heartland Regional Medical Center; St. Josephs Hospital Women’s Pavilion; Maxwell AFB Ambulatory Care Center

John Hitron

John Hitron, AIA

Design Project Manager

Hospital design plays a crucial role in patient safety and maximizing the quality of care. Complexity of healthcare design requires bringing together designers, hospital administrators, facility managers, engineers, and key members of the construction community to provide an inspired and functional environment.

Philosophy of Design: I have found that all healthcare projects are multi-faceted endeavors. There are Owners, staff, and patients who all have their own special expectations. The architect’s task is to bring all the wants and needs together in a space that works well for all.

Excitement about your project: The thing that excites me about healthcare is the important role it plays in everyone’s life. Whether it is an annual check-up or a major illness, the spaces we design will affect them all. My goal is to provide a built environment which gives comfort and helps the healing process.

Sampling of Project Experience: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres – Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, Pakistan; Jewish Hospital Emergency Department; Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital; Baptist Hospital East; University of Louisville Biomedical Research; Hopkins County Regional Medical Center; University of Louisville Hospital; James Graham Brown Cancer Center; Jefferson Community and Technical College New Science/Allied Health Building

Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson, LEED AP

Engineering Project Manager

I believe quality control depends on adherence to project scope, codes, and required guidelines from the beginning of design through the end of construction. A knowledgeable and experienced team of both designers and contractors is key to quality control from beginning to end.

Philosophy of Design: When designing and constructing mechanical and electrical systems in any healthcare facility, my primary focuses are patient care, infection control, and life safety. We always strive to achieve these goals by utilizing our team’s extensive experience and the latest technologies available.

Excitement about your project: I feel being a part of the team that improves or extends the life of anyone’s family member is a privilege and gives me personal satisfaction. I appreciate knowing that I played a small part in the quality of life of the community.

Sampling of Project Experience: Pittsburgh Veteran’s Hospital Water Mapping Project*; King’s Daughters’ Replacement Hospital*; VAMC Ft. Wayne 3rd Floor Endoscopy & PACU Renovations*; St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital Surgery Suite Renovation*; St. Vincent’s Cardiac Transplant ICU Renovation*; Ball Memorial Hospital Bed Tower Infrastructure*; VAMC Nashville, TN Medical GAS Infrastructure Replacement*; VAMC Brooklyn, NY Medical Gas Infrastructure Replacement*; VAMC Helena, MT. Medical Gas Infrastructure Replacement*

* Project completed with another firm

Brandon Fox

Brandon Fox, AIA

Project Architect

I am a very detail-oriented person and I’m driven by understanding the “how” and “why” of what makes things work successfully. In addition to research, listening is a critical key for successful healthcare design. Much like with patient care, listening to and understanding the needs of the users enables the design of spaces that fulfill their mission.

Philosophy of Design: My approach to healthcare design is for form to follow function. The aesthetics of a space are still an important consideration, but for me they should not compromise the ability for the space to serve its function. It is critical for healthcare spaces to be designed so that their functions can be accomplished as efficiently and safely as possible.

Excitement about your project: I enjoy being able to sculpt a built environment that has an impact on its inhabitants. This is especially true in the design of healthcare spaces where the environment has the ability to positively affect people and their well-being when they may need it the most.

Sampling of Project Experience: Clarian Methodist A7N, Cafeteria; Community Hospital South Emergency Department, Daybeds and 3-West, Admin. and Nursing Admin.*; Clarian Methodist Cath Lab; Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait*; Greater Baltimore Medical Center Emergency Department*; Hamot Emergency Department*

* Project completed with another firm

Jim Walde

James Walde, PE

Mechanical Engineer

I believe the key to a successful healthcare project is inclusion of the Owner from beginning. Each Owner is unique, so it is imperative we learn the intricacies of the space needs and future uses before we begin to design the best system to meet those needs.

Philosophy of Design: Effective communication with the Owner enables us to discover the true wants and needs for the for the space. Using that information, I can build the systems to support those desires.

Excitement about your project: I love that no two healthcare projects are ever alike. There is always a new and different twist to every project, forcing the team to collaborate and think differently.

Sampling of Project Experience: Community Hospital South Obstetrics Department Triage Renovation*; St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital Surgery Suite Renovation*; Bioanalytical Services (BAS) New Mass Spectrometer Laboratory (West Lafayette Campus)*, New Animal Research Facility (West Lafayette Campus)*, Animal Research Facility Renovation (Evansville Campus)*; IUPUI Hemodialysis Water Treatment Replacement (Indianapolis Campus)*; Union Hospital Medical Office Building*

* Project completed with another firm

Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed, PE

Electrical Engineer

In order to maintain a budget, you must initially understand the client’s expected outcome for the project and provide continuous advice throughout the design process regarding those expectations to achieve their goals.

Philosophy of Design: I always try to provide a lighting design that is functional and safe for all occupants. The system should also focus on comforting and healing aspects, with the inclusion of benefits from natural daylighting and circadian rhythm controls.

Excitement about your project: I enjoy seeing the final product and the impact/purpose it will have. As an electrical engineer, I also enjoy getting into the details of both the medical technological advancements and the design for the lighting, power, and low voltage components of the electrical system supporting the facility.

Sampling of Project Experience: Community Hospital South Emergency Department Addition; IU Clinical Cancer Center*; Lafayette Home Hospital Patient Wing Remodels*; Porter Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center*; Bloomington Hospital Cancer Center*; Arnett (Lafayette) Medical Office Building*; Union Hospital Medical Office Building*

* Project completed with another firm

John Harrison

John Harrison

Plumbing Designer

Whether its designing an evac system for emergency suites or a centralized oxygen distribution system utilizing liquid oxygen tanks, I’m at my best when designing for the healthcare industry.

Philosophy of Design: When it comes to plumbing design, the primary concern is with sanitation. Not only do the piping systems need to perform at a higher level, all exposed surfaces must be smooth for easy cleaning and offer the highest level of anti-microbial protection.

Excitement about your project: I truly love having a design challenge and designing for the healthcare industry is at the top of that list.

Sampling of Project Experience: State of Indiana Forensic and Health Sciences Laboratories*; The Heritage Center Research Laboratory*; Fayette Memorial Hospital Medical Office Building*; Kendrick Hospital OB Unit*; Wishard Hospital Regenstrief/Psychiatric ER Addition*; Cox Fitness Center; Sumner Regional Wellness Center*; Roche Chemistry Renovation and Expansion*; Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center*; King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, Jeddah Saudi Arabia*; Numerous Hospitals Across the United States*

* Project completed with another firm

Allen Jacobsen

Allen Jacobsen, PE

Civil Engineer

Wellness and healing rely on being in harmony with nature. A successful healthcare facility is connected and oriented to its surroundings, respects the natural world, and strives to bring it indoors. The facility needs to provide natural light, inspiring views and serene spaces, while celebrating the acts of wayfinding and arrival.

Philosophy of Design: When completing a project, I always utilize the concept of adaptive design to optimize known and established solutions for the facility and its site.

Excitement about your project: Healthcare design excites me because of the wider societal impact of a realized project. It provides the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Sampling of Project Experience: Regenstrief Institute Headquarters; Wesley Manor Health Center Addition*; Home Hospital Expansion*; Westminster Village Memory Care Center*; Bickford of Lafayette Assisted Living*; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Plant Expansion*; United Church Homes – Patriot Ridge Community*; United Church Homes – Fairhaven Community*

* Project completed with another firm