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It’s like seeing an Orca breach 50 yards off starboard, this sense of arrest that is apt to seize us at some point in the course of Olympic events. For a moment, the world stops as we witness the climax of a fellow human being’s real story of sustained striving for excellence. The event after […]


The word ‘civilization’ draws predictable associations in most minds—Mayan, Greek, Egyptian—typically ancient—typically in less prestigious circumstances today than they once were. How does a people elevate their society to the level of civilization, and how do those gains slip away? Once a people reliably secures life’s sustenance and are sufficiently united to maintain relative peace […]

Free minds

The magnitude of information, misinformation, and disinformation that confronts an average citizen today is daunting. How does one sort, filter, and prioritize such quantities—let alone process the portion deemed worthy? Any foray into the information abyss can swallow unseemly stretches of time, often resulting in more questions than answers. And yet people find their way […]


Some ancient shepherd or goat herder is probably at fault, having first equated human and animal behavior. The act of following is not always the mindless mimicry of herd animals, however. It is often skillful—both essential and prerequisite to leadership. Language fails us here; there is no word in our vocabulary for skilled following. Yet […]

Zero to 1,000

Legacies outstanding enough to capture our attention generally come from two kinds of people: those who have it good, and those who have it God. For the sake of our nation and those citizens that our culture must nourish for generations to come, let’s hope for more of both such kinds of people. Martin University—Indiana’s […]

Rescue — the dark side

Earlier tribal societies had one thing easier than we do. It was easy for them to see that the individual needed the community, and the community needed each member, fully functioning—often for mere survival. Both self-sufficiency and contribution to the group were highly valued and inextricably woven into the fabric of life. The social order […]

What time is it?

The Greek word for time is chronos, except when referring to that supreme moment when someone opens to positive forces and experiences a core shift. That word is kairos—God’s time. A program termed Kairos Prison Ministry creates such moments for some of the worst offenders in our prison system. The facilitators within the program are […]