Educational Facility Assessments

As a school corporation determines the future of its buildings, it must look at both the physical conditions of the existing buildings and systems, as well as their capacity to serve the needs of the educational programs. Step one is a Facility Assessment to develop priorities for upgrading, repairing, or even replacing each building. The […]

How does a Deep Bench Help Me with My Project

What is a deep bench and why is it important to you?   As consumers of services, you want those services to be easy to use and simple to navigate. You appreciate having one point of contact to address an issue. Firms often describe themselves as having a “deep bench” or a “comprehensive architecture and […]

Second in the Series of Four Core Principles of Design at Schmidt Associates – A Closer Look at the Strategic Principle

The purpose behind design at Schmidt Associates is to act passionately and intentionally out of our Core Principles of Design, which are the mirrors of our kaleidoscope. The first of these principles is to be Strategic.  Design solutions respond to this principle most strongly by responding to the context of the client in the built […]

Leadership Moment for February

Eye-level above Wayne Schmidt’s desk hangs an original canvas by Steve Stoller—once a starving artist. When homeless, Stoller and his wife Francy had taken up residence in a commercial property Wayne owned on Mass Ave. Needing to insure the building and wanting to foster some humane, temporary solution for his unexpected guests, Wayne commissioned the […]

Eight Drivers and Economic Factors Affecting Changing Technology

Technology seems to be changing at lightning speed. But, what drives this constant evolution? Money – Manufacturers of devices and systems that we use will continue to develop applications to serve our needs. The need to generate revenues motivates this process. Mobility – We are a species that does not want to be restricted. We […]

Leadership Moment for January

It doesn’t take great care or a green thumb to grow crabgrass. It’s green, it’s free and it will hold your topsoil. If you want more, it’s going to take more. And so it is with all living things—including culture. What grows from a population of people or even micro-organisms is a ‘culture’ (i.e. the […]

Three Mindsets of a Successful Downtown Revitalization

Decades of job, education, livability, and economic trends can transform a downtown drastically.  Some Indiana cities and towns have downtown environments that provide a balanced quality of life for their residents.  Quality of life elements are often focused on economy, livability, education, job availability, aesthetics, and healthy environments.  When any of these elements start to […]

Leadership Moment for December

Celebration is really a phenomenon of the heart. When something particularly sweet happens, the party begins there. What we generally think of as celebration is the outside expression of being lit up inside. Before there was Christmas, there was Yule. Man celebrated the return of the sun, recognizing his dependence on that life-giving light—grateful for […]

Seven Technology Trends for 2014

As we enter into the new year, it’s a good time to look at a few trends that seem to be shaping our future. 1. Smartphone exclusivity – Some predictions suggest that 35% of corporate America will have eliminated the desk phone by the end of 2014 in favor of mobile devices for all communications. […]