Leadership Moment from September

Among the largest one-day volunteer events in the world, Eli Lilly Day of Global Service, held each October, is impressive with 8,000 (of their 20,000 participants internationally) working right here in Indianapolis on various cleanup, beautification, and revitalization projects throughout the city. Last year, under the leadership of the Indianapolis Rotary Club, it became more: […]

Higher Ed Archibabble – Knowledgeable or Naive?

Checkout our quiz called Higher Ed Archibabble – Knowledgeable or Naïve?  Just click on the link below, and you’ll be directed to an online survey where you can compete, learn and have a good laugh too. Take our quiz here! Feel free to share this with others at your college/university who might enjoy. Thanks and […]

How Do Security Vestibules Work in Schools

Security planning and implementation is critical to keep students and faculty safe in educational facilities. Security vestibules provide additional protection by adding a secured space. Vestibules are secured spaces with two of more sets of doors and an office sign-in area. Once a visitor has signed in and been identified as an authorized visitor, the […]

50 Letters From Architects: Our Contribution

This is part of a series of blog postings of Schmidt Associates architects’ responses to the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Indianapolis invitation to write letters to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. Architects submitted big or small ideas to improve the urban built environment for Indianapolis and were on display at The Hall during June and July […]

Marchant School of Nursing

What once served as the headquarters for a medical gas supplier in Bloomington, Indiana is now a training center for health sciences professions. The new Marchant School of Nursing sits prominently on the corner of the Ivy Tech Community College campus in Bloomington and houses two nursing labs, a computer lab, three classrooms and faculty […]

Leadership Moment from August

A maple seedling sprouts from the crack of a busy city sidewalk. So little space, such dismal odds and yet there it is—fresh, green, and vibrant. We take notice when we see how life seizes upon the smallest opportunity. When the life emerging from disadvantage is human, we respond with The Arc. The Arc of […]

Third in the Series: 12 Red Flags for Your Construction Project

Everyone involved with a construction project hopes to avoid challenges or hiccups along the way. This series of blogs describes the red flags you should look out for if “smooth sailing” doesn’t seem to be the direction your project is going. Here are red flags #7 through #9: 7.  Ignoring or dismissing General Requirements (Division […]

50 Letters From Architects: Our Contribution

It is good to dream about what could make our city a better place. When the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Indianapolis invited Schmidt Associates to write letters to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, we happily accepted the invitation to provide one page of big or small ideas to improve the urban built environment for Indianapolis — […]

Leadership Moment for July

Those moments when something sweet pops up unexpectedly carry us through a lot of mire sometimes. There is a place inside us that knows life holds such treasure. We would all work ourselves to the bone to produce it if we could, but that kind of wealth is not a product, it’s a by-product. One […]

What is Design/Build?

According to Wikipedia, design/build (commonly abbreviated D/B) is a project delivery system used in the construction industry. It is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design/builder or design/build contractor. What does this actually mean for an owner? Design/build results […]