Q&A Session with Steve Siroky

Steve Siroky—Construction Delivery Systems Manager—fits right in surrounded by a world of hard hats, construction equipment, and contractors. But then you talk to him and it is apparent there is so much more to him. Recently, we sat down to get to know him a bit better.




Let’s start with your background.
Well, I am a graduate of Oregon-Davis Schools in Hamlet, Indiana. I tried to go to Wabash College for a year, when I realized that I just wasn’t the all-male school type. I left the college, took a year off and traveled the southwest for four months. I returned to Purdue University and studied construction management. A week following graduation, I married my wife, Susan (who I met at Purdue). I started my professional career in residential construction, then I moved into pool and church construction. Eventually, I landed at Schmidt Associates.







So, have you been on any interesting job sites along the way?
Of course, they are all interesting in their own way! However, I lived in Singapore for 9 months during the construction of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Pool, Singapore. It was always about 90 degrees with 90% humidity. That took me weeks to get used to that climate—I couldn’t go outside for more than a couple of hours per day in the beginning.

What do you do in your free time?
Susan has been begging me to get a hobby for years. Inspired by a Schmidt Academy (internal training program) about container gardening, I started preparing our backyard for a garden and I started a hazelnut grove (12 trees) back there too. I also spend a significant amount of my time working with the Via de Cristo—a 3-day Christian movement started by the Lutherans in the early 80s.

Do you travel?
Yes, my wife and I travel A LOT and will have hit all 50 states before the end of the decade. I think my favorite place is Bali—an island and province of Indonesia. We went there immediately following my job in Singapore. It was perfect weather, surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains. Since it is a mountain island, everything had been terraced, which made the landscape even more beautiful. And its location near the equator meant that they had a completely different landscape than we see normally.

Do you keep anything special at your desk?
My wife took up pencil drawing a few years ago, so I keep a few of her drawings here. I also have a photograph of my grandfather (my mother’s father). It’s a picture of the two of us when I was five. He was my inspiration to go into construction, as he was a carpenter by trade and built cabinets. Growing up, we lived on the farm in a house down the road from him. My sister and I went there every Friday night to play poker, eat popcorn, and watch westerns.

SteveSIroky_hazelnut     SteveSiroky_gpa







Grandpa and I also did a lot of projects. I remember this one time, we tried to build a satellite dish, but could never get it to work. This was probably around 1980 when new a 6’ dish was $10,000, so I decided I wanted to build one. We were never able to get the concave form right, so it never worked. I am sure Grandpa knew it was never going to work, but he did it with me anyway.

Just a few minutes with Steve and you will instantly see that he is a wonderful story teller and has so much to share. If you get a few minutes, feel free to give him a call!


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