Q&A Session with Shane Cox

They say, “it’s always the quiet ones that are the most dangerous.” Sitting down with the quiet Shane Cox, Controls/Systems Engineer, was definitely not a dangerous experience—quite the opposite, I would say.



Tell me about your background.
I grew up in a small town so it only made sense to me that I attend a small university. I went to Rose-Hulman and studied Mechanical Engineering while also playing baseball there. When I graduated, the Persian Gulf War had just started and the job market was very tight. I took a position in the industrial gas business, but didn’t care for it. After a few years, I returned to Indiana and eventually landed here at Schmidt Associates.

What, exactly, do you do here?
I have always been able to look at something and understand how it works, and I also enjoy helping people. Whether it is fixing someone’s thermostat or helping change a tire, I like to help make people’s lives easier. So that is what I do at Schmidt Associates, but on a bigger scale. I help to make Owners’ HVAC systems work properly. In the design of a facility, I create the drawings to explain how to control the system to work properly. Once a system is installed, I can also evaluate it to find more efficiencies for the Owner. At times, I might even receive a text late at night from a school administrator at a basketball game saying the gymnasium is too hot. I can jump on my computer from home and normally make that problem go away for them.

How do you spend your free time?
I enjoy coaching youth sports and have done so for more than 20 years. Currently, I am coaching freshman basketball at Pendleton Heights, but most of my experience is in baseball. In fact, there are 70 kids currently playing college baseball, six at Indiana University, that have been on at least one of my teams along the way.

My wife and I enjoy going to Bonges Tavern in Perkinsville. Though it is a high-end restaurant, it is very small and usually has a long wait. Once our name is on the list, we join the crowd of people in the parking lot tailgating before dinner. It is always such a unique and fun way to spend an evening.

What’s one thing not everyone knows about you?
I played quarters at center court of Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University in the middle of the night with Coach K’s son-in-law. No one was arrested and we didn’t break any laws. We were there legitimately, we just “extended our stay”.

Do you watch any movies?
I am a sucker for the nostalgia sports stuff. In fact, I proposed to my wife at the “Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. Now, every time we see the movie, it serves as a reminder. And, of course, I love the movie “Hoosiers”.

Speaking of your wife, tell me about your family.
My wife Sheridan and I have been married for almost 10 years. I have three kids, Melanie (21), Corbin (19), and Sloan (1). And who can forget my dog, Roxy, and cat Ru? Ru is short for RuPaul. When we got him, we thought he was a she. We were quite wrong.

Shane Cox_family










So next time you have a problem and need some help, don’t hesitate to contact Shane!

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