Q&A Session with Phil Medley

Stereotypically, architects and engineers are wired differently from each other. One is artsy and the other is numbers-oriented. But occasionally, you find a hybrid. And that is what we have in Phil Medley, Mechanical Engineer and licensed architect.




What do you do for Schmidt Associates?
My focus at Schmidt Associates is high performance building design. I work a lot with early energy analysis on our building designs to ensure that the best decisions are being made from the start. The analysis looks at everything from the envelope of the building down to the hot water heater. This produces data-driven design decisions resulting in energy efficient buildings that save our Owners a lot of energy (and money) over the life of their buildings.

You mentioned engineering and architecture in the same thought?
Given my history, that isn’t surprising. I have an undergraduate degree in Art History from Hanover College. Following that, I attended the University of Illinois Chicago and got a Masters of Architecture. Unfortunately, that was about the same time as the recession hit in 2008, so I took a job as an environmental engineer at a coal mining company in southern Indiana. That led me to pursue a Masters from Purdue in Architectural Engineering. This path only seemed natural, as I have always thought that architecture and engineering needed to be considered together more than they are. The industry tries to separate the two, but you can’t.

What’s one thing not everyone knows about you?
I still have a baby tooth. It’s never given up on me. All the others jumped ship years ago, but this one is just still hanging in there!

Do you collect anything?
I have every superhero movie ever made; good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Who is your favorite superhero?
I am not sure if this makes them my favorite or not, but my oldest daughter thought I was Spiderman for a while, so I liked him. However, in the second movie (spoiler alert), he lets the girl die. I won’t let her see that one. My youngest daughter thinks I am Batman. I am not sure why.

So the next time you are faced with a perplexing problem that might benefit from a conversation with an architect and an engineer, feel free to give Phil a call. It’s like two for the price of one!


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