Q&A Session with David Logan

david-loganNamaste. The greeting that means “I bow to the divine in you” seems a fitting one for Dave Logan, Architectural Graduate at Schmidt Associates. Whether it is attending meditation services at the local Quaker Meeting, planning his next international missions trip, or designing the Swine Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, Dave exudes an aura of calming interest. Below, we sit down with him to understand a bit about what makes him tick.

Where did you go to school?
I attended a small Christian high school in Southwest Michigan. I earned my undergraduate degree from Cedarville University in southern Ohio where I earned an Individualized Studies degree combining courses in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and a handful of architecture classes from Andrews University. Upon graduation, I went on to the University of Notre Dame for my Masters of Architecture.

What inspires you?
Using my architecture training to serve the underprivileged overseas has become a joy of mine. My parents met as medical missionaries in Bangladesh back in the 70s and somehow they managed to continue serving as a family, even with four little boys in tow. We traveled to Togo, West Africa most frequently, but also to Colombia and Brazil.

Have you remained involved with mission work?
After architecture school, I was working at a college for students with Intellectual Disabilities, the site of my thesis project, and volunteering as a draftsman for a second mission hospital in Togo. When plans for me to visit Togo (2012) became a reality, I contacted eMi—Engineering Ministries International, a non-profit Christian development organization, and was fortunate to join them in Gabon at another hospital compound, as well.

After my summer in West Africa, I returned to the US and began working for a design firm in Louisville. In 2014, I decided to serve with eMi again, this time for a year stint in India. During my year I had the privilege of working on three separate projects—a boarding school dormitory design; a master plan for a large retreat center, conference center, and seminary; and a master plan for an alcohol rehab center. To date, the dormitory and a portion of the conference center has been built.

Most recently, I traveled to Haiti with eMi and a few folks from my church to help design a fair-trade artisan workshop my church has been partnering with for years. The workshop includes space for sewing machines, village meeting space, school, etc. I would love to stay involved, as there is such great potential for it to come to life in the next year or two and make a huge difference in that village.

David_mission trip








What do you do in your free time?
It’s surprising how quickly the weeks click by. I enjoy unwinding at the Y a few times a week, and attending the local Quaker Meeting meditation service on Wednesdays. From time to time, I enjoy volunteering as a guest critic at Andrews University, and as chief taste-tester at Quaker Haven Camp in Syracuse.

What is something not everyone knows about you?
I am intrigued by the idea of living in a camper for a season. I have a growing desire to simplify, but also to beautify and improve upon.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I recently bought a puppy, a Bernese mountain dog named Poet. He’ll be a year old in March, and he’s delightfully inconvenient.











I suppose I am a bit of a rolling stone, but am incredibly grateful to have landed here at Schmidt and to be surrounded by so many wonderful folks. I may not be traveling as much these days, but I feel there is still plenty of exploring to do – improving in my field, sinking in to my faith, raising a halfway obedient puppy, and volunteering where I am able.

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