Trisha Martin

Trisha Martin always knew she wanted to be an architect, and she was inspired by her dad who worked in K-12 facilities. They would often walk around Columbus, Indiana identifying issues with the historic architecture of schools. That gave Trisha an appreciation and the realization that architecture truly is the manifestation of culture and community.

With dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Art History from the University of Iowa and dual master’s degrees in Architecture and Historic Preservation from Ball State University, Trisha interned for the firm while completing her last year of architecture school. She is a former president of Associated Students for Historic Preservation and a founding member of Associated Graduate Students for Architecture and Design at Ball State University. Currently, Trisha is working on K-12, higher education, and community studio projects for the firm where she demonstrates servant leadership by listening to the clients’ needs and working with others to design spaces for end users.

Outside of work

Trisha is an avid reader with fan fiction being her favorite genre. She also loves hiking, biking, running, walking, and travelling. Some would be surprised to know that Trisha lived in Italy for four months and was an art history intern at the Chicago Field Museum where Sue resides. Additionally, she was a member of the University of Iowa’s Division I rowing team during her undergraduate.

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