Tim Barnett

Tim’s interest in design and construction began when he worked weekends in the field with his Dad, a civil engineer and land surveyor, as a kid. The time he spent observing his dad’s work planted the seed for what would eventually become a great career choice. After earning his degree in civil engineering, Tim worked as a construction engineer, managing water, wastewater, and power plant projects. This experience eventually led him to the opportunity to serve clients as a business development professional, something that challenges and excites him every single day.

As our Business Development Specialist for the Community/Workplace/Lifestyle studio, Tim’s primary aim is to connect clients to the people and resources they need to be successful.

Outside of work
Tim loves food, and cooking is one of his favorite creative outlets. Fortunately, he also enjoys running for its many mind-body benefits (and for the beer and medals found at the finish of every organized running event).