SiDonna Cox

Project Manager

Sidonna found her calling in interior design and project management when she witnessed a family member facing significant challenges before and during ADA compliance becoming law. From home, school, and public spaces, there were daily navigational trials, which caused her to consider how she could inspire others through design. Later in her career, and after being part of the creative design process and having leadership responsibilities, SiDonna combined her design skills with project management for not only creating functional and aesthetic designs, but to also appreciate the value of the effort it takes to manifest a successful end-result. By listening to client needs, communicating throughout the process, and making it fun, SiDonna is excited to educate clients, and always remembers to say thank you and celebrate successfully completed projects. She is proudest when she sees facilities being utilized by end users and experiencing the joy they have over what started as a vision on paper. “I once sat in a completed oncology center during a soft opening, and I knew my team and I did something extraordinary when I heard the patients’ expressing gratitude over a space that was warm and inviting.”

Outside of work
SiDonna is a council member of IFMA Louisville, a member of Fillies, Inc., and a founder and board member of Women Who Wine for a Cause. When not supporting her community, she loves enjoying nature through hiking, exploring, horseback riding, and travel with her husband, Cary, daughter, Carmen, and friends. Some may also be surprised to know that while she was not named after Sedona, Ariz., she got married there.