Sarah K. Hempstead

CEO & Principal


Sarah is an expert at combining inspiration and perspiration alongside owners to deliver signature solutions with a purpose. As the CEO of Schmidt Associates and the Principal-in-Charge of the Higher Education Studio, she brings her master-led approach to each project and to the many happy owners of those projects.

Sarah understands that building trust comes before building consensus, and that there isn’t a building without both. That’s why she leads her team to collaborate within a framework that’s proven to produce results on time and on budget. That’s why owners and stakeholders love working with her and following her direction.

Outside of work
When she isn’t taking in the amazing cities of the Midwest, Sarah can be found taking in the breathtaking beauty of Africa and Europe where she backpacked nearly 3,500 miles from Egypt to Ireland. She enjoys hanging out on the soccer field with her two amazing daughters or working with some of her favorite not-for-profits – including Junior Achievement, RADC, and The Arts Council.