Sara Richey

Drawing from her education in interior design and studying architecture, Sara Richey can tap into her past positions within the architecture and design industry. Working with former clients in Hong Kong, Dubai, Toronto, and across the United States, her previous roles in strategy, client advocacy, sales, and delivering research drives her  approach. As a Client Liaison for the Higher Education studio, Sara collaborates with college and university administrators, facilities staff members, and faculty. “Having a hand that inspires and problem solves in higher education allows us to blaze trails to a brighter future,” she says. “To me, it doesn’t get much better.”

Outside of work

Growing up in multicultural family in Buffalo, NY shaped Sara’s love for the arts, adventure, and travel to destinations such as India. However, spending time with her husband and two teenage boys, family, and girlfriends ultimately fills her heart. She also loves staying in touch with her “little sister” from Big Brothers Big Sisters and serving on the Purdue University Interior Design Advisory Board.

  • Sara Richey, Schmidt Associates Client Liaison, Headshot