Peter St. Amand

As an undergraduate at the University of Dayton, Peter St. Amand ran into Engineering Graduate Andrew Eckrich who heavily encouraged him to apply for an internship with Schmidt Associates. After earning and completing the internship in 2019, Peter joined the firm as an engineering graduate where he has thrived as a mechanical engineer. Ask him what he likes best about working for Schmidt Associates and the answer is simple—providing a consistently high level of service to Owners by giving them the spaces they imagine. “At the end of the day, the Owner must be happy with the finished product, Peter says. When their expectations are met, he says he knows he’s had a great day at work.

Outside of work

Peter is an avid outdoorsman. His favorite activities include hiking, camping, visiting parks, cooking over open fires, and spending time with his golden retriever named Frankie.  He also loves singing and has been known to belt it out in the shower.

  • Peter St. Amand