Daniel Klemen

When he was in sixth grade, Daniel Klemen took a math class where he learned how to calculate area and square footage for a floor plan. Everything came natural to Daniel, his teacher took notice, and Daniel was encouraged to pursue art and design. With every class he took, Daniel was further led toward architecture. While still in high school, he called Ball State to learn more about the curriculum and was reassured when told to take more art classes.

Today, not only does Daniel have a Bachelor and Master of Architecture, but he is also the co-author of “IMADE: Connecting Globally, Making Locally,” which discusses the design through production process of deploying digital design and fabrication techniques in concert with locally sourced Indiana hardwoods for a series of benches, garbage cans, signage, and bus stop schematics for Minnetrista Park. These locally fabricated installations not only worked to rebrand Minnetrista and set up a new design language that would inevitably bleed into the rest of their planned expansions, but also travelled around the state as part of a showcase for the Indiana Hardwood Lumberman’s Association.

Daniel relishes in any opportunity to learn and grow, and he especially loves any chance to think creatively while solving problems that lead to positive solutions for Owners. He also takes pride in his M.Arch thesis entitled “Niketecture,” which focused on the latent potential for the generation of “architecture” through a circular materials economy established within the confines of a brand’s current materials palette.

Outside of work

Daniel was born and raised on the White River—literally. When his mom went into labor, it was Daniel’s father and best friend, also named Daniel, who delivered him before paramedics arrived. Daniel also comes from an artistic family. His father is an electric bass player who has bounced around Indianapolis playing with the Carl Story Band, Henry Lee Summer, and Brenda Williams, to name a few. Daniel and his oldest brother also play piano and like making and mixing music with their MIDI keyboards. Additionally, Daniel continues to produce an eclectic mix of both digital and traditional art focused on realism, “cartoonism,” and the parallels in-between.

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