Ben Simmons

Client Liaison & Associate


Ben Simmons is a results-driven project leader with over 20 years of experience in the architecture and construction industry, having designed and managed some of the largest, most complex projects in the Midwest. He is a strategic thinker, communicator, and motivator who enjoys cultivating an environment, which maximizes potential and elevates overall output of project processes through trust and collaboration.

Ben leads Schmidt Associates’ Community Studio in Kentucky with specialized expertise in community and workplace design. He believes the best projects emerge from strong partnerships, and he eagerly seeks out those individuals and groups who believe in the power of design and what it can do to elevate physical and cultural environments.

Outside of work

Ben enjoys cooking for friends and family and walking his dogs around the neighborhood. He loves to travel with his wife, Heather, always looking to expand his horizons and take in new cultures. Additionally, Ben is an active member of his community, sharing his time and talents with various organizations