Ivy Tech Express Enrollment – Technology-Driven/Student-Focused

Like a toddler taking their first step, the decision a person makes to enroll in college and continue their education is the hardest part. Full of anticipation and anxiety, the toddler takes that step with independence, but under the watchful eye of a protective parent. Some are off and running, while others need a finger […]

Leadership Moment for April

Now a vibrant stretch of eclectic urban distinction, Mass Ave could hardly be more different from the urban ruin it was 35 years ago. Riddled with deterioration, crime, and neglect, it took penetrating vision to see what once was—and more importantly, what it could become. The historic flatiron building at New York Street—particularly prominent as […]

Revisioning Building Space for Growth

We oftentimes get phone calls as institutions outgrow their existing facilities. Our response is always the same; sometimes organizations need new space—but not all growth requires a new facility. For instance, as Ivy Tech Community College’s enrollment in Batesville, Indiana grew, their current leased space no longer had the capacity to accommodate the student population.  […]

Bridging the Historic with the New – A Successful Story of Adaptive Reuse

Historic preservation projects face many challenges.  Some of these include, but are not limited to: Who will use the building and does it support the many programmatic needs of this group? How can you repurpose the building while integrating modern building systems and technology throughout? How do you maintain the historic features of the building, […]

Today’s the Day!

Just before 5 this afternoon, Mayor Greg Ballard will help us cut the wallpaper to open the door on a new era for Schmidt Associates. In 1986, we opened our doors on Vermont Street. Since then, we’ve continued to help Mass Ave become a cultural destination for Indianapolis. While in years past Mass Ave was […]

2012 Project Highlights

2012 has been a banner year for Schmidt Associates.  Below are  some of the project highlights that occurred. Completed this year, the Ivy Tech Community College Illinois Fall Creek Center won five Indianapolis Monumental Affair Awards (Honor Awards for Architecture, Adaptive Reuse, and Construction, a Merit Award for Engineering, and an Achievement Award for Community […]

Pushing the envelope on design is good for Indy

While walking down a street in Prague recently, I made some observations. There were no potholes and no parking lots; just rows of buildings. Each building was five stories high, except one. That one had a much different façade and an angular design. It also was the building where people congregated. It was the building […]

Schmidt Associates will be the architect for the new 500 Mass Ave Project

Mass Ave. has been the beating heart of downtown Indianapolis for three centuries. Generations of merchants and residents have lived, worked, and played on Mass Ave. And during the last 10 years, we have seen new condos, shops, and restaurants; the Cultural Trail; public art; and new infrastructure—all of which has made Mass Ave the […]

Ivy Tech Science Corridor Designed by Schmidt Associates

On 10/11/12, thousands of volunteers will storm the city to make a difference along our waterways. Led by Eli Lilly Corporation in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, Fall Creek in the Regional Center will be transformed in one day. The projects—designed by Schmidt Associates—connect three elements: 1) the mission of Ivy Tech Community College, 2) the purpose […]