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The Design Components Every High School Gymnasium Needs

Whether you’re redesigning or renovating a high school gymnasium, or building a new structure from scratch, there are a lot of things to consider. Most importantly, you need to remember that a high school gym is so much more than just a place for sporting events; it’s a place for communities to gather. From the […]

Roof 101: Low-Slope Roof Material Options

Low-slope roofs have 3 main options: Built-up Single-ply membrane Monolithic sprayed foam To begin with, built-up roofs can be of two basic types and have a fabulous reputation at Schmidt Associates. Built-up roofs can be composed of coal tar or asphalt and the asphalt can be hot applied or cold adhesive applied. Coal tar roofs […]

Roof 101: Steep-slope Roof Material Options

There are 4 main material options for steep-slope roofs: shingles, slate, clay tile, and metal. The most commonly used material is shingles, which has an average useful life of 20 years. Shingles can come in traditional asphalt form, as well as in rubber or steel. Slate and clay tile, while beautiful, are the most expensive […]

Roof 101: Pros and Cons of Steep-Slope and Low-Slope Roofs

The Basics Let’s take it from the top. Roofs fall into 2 main categories: steep-slope and low-slope. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a flat roof. Steep-slope roofs can be covered with shingles, slate, or metal, and low-slope roofs have the options of built-up, single-ply membrane, or monolithic sprayed foam. Pros […]