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Some ancient shepherd or goat herder is probably at fault, having first equated human and animal behavior. The act of following is not always the mindless mimicry of herd animals, however. It is often skillful—both essential and prerequisite to leadership. Language fails us here; there is no word in our vocabulary for skilled following. Yet […]

Urban Gardens

To celebrate Earth Day in 2012, Schmidt Associates’ workers started an urban garden located on the roof of the building. The garden is an expansion of the green roof area the office has had in place for the last seven years. For the urban garden, employees brought in their favorite fruits and vegetables to grow […]

Zero to 1,000

Legacies outstanding enough to capture our attention generally come from two kinds of people: those who have it good, and those who have it God. For the sake of our nation and those citizens that our culture must nourish for generations to come, let’s hope for more of both such kinds of people. Martin University—Indiana’s […]

Sustainable Stan Award Winner

The winner of the Sustainable Stan Award in February 2012 was Kevin Shelley, AIA, LEED AP BD+C. Kevin is the Project Manager for several Ball State projects, including DeHority Complex, Studebaker East Residence Hall, and the upcoming Johnson A Residence Hall. The DeHority Complex was the first Ball State project to achieve LEED certification (it […]

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is MUCH MORE than a good economic choice. Football fields have been going green lately—that is green as in sustainable and good for the environment. We all think back to the Friday night high school football game or the cool Saturday afternoon college games. We can also associate green with the color of […]

Rescue — the dark side

Earlier tribal societies had one thing easier than we do. It was easy for them to see that the individual needed the community, and the community needed each member, fully functioning—often for mere survival. Both self-sufficiency and contribution to the group were highly valued and inextricably woven into the fabric of life. The social order […]

Featured Project: Ivy Tech Illinois Fall Creek Center

The Ivy Tech Fall Creek building had its ribbon cutting ceremony on January 20. The opening of the project marks five years of design and construction efforts for this landmark facility. The project involved reuse and restoration of 64,000 square feet of the old St. Vincent’s Hospital originally constructed in 1911 that had been under-utilized for […]

What time is it?

The Greek word for time is chronos, except when referring to that supreme moment when someone opens to positive forces and experiences a core shift. That word is kairos—God’s time. A program termed Kairos Prison Ministry creates such moments for some of the worst offenders in our prison system. The facilitators within the program are […]