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The Case for Rural Emergency Hospitals: The New REH is Access to Care

Since 2012, rural hospital closures have accelerated due to factors including unfavorable reimbursements, ongoing operational costs, and declining and exceedingly sicker populations. These closures have resulted in underserved communities where residents may have to travel miles for access to emergency and other healthcare needs. Consequently,  Congress launched the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. This act […]

Considerations For Effective Behavioral Health Facility Design

There’s been a concerning trend in mental health over the last few years that has challenged existing and overburdened behavioral healthcare modalities. Consequently, providers are responding with increased treatment options to address addiction, depression, and stress disorders, which have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Today, caregivers across the country are addressing the growing need […]

COVID Healthcare Redesign: Start with the Emergency Department

Infection control has always been important in healthcare environments, but thanks to COVID-19, the stakes are suddenly exponentially higher. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must now take even more precautions, overhaul processes and procedures, and start thinking about both short- and long-term changes that will need to be made to physical spaces. However, the sheer […]